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Why outdoor play is important in Early Childhood

Remember when you were young and spent much of your time playing outside? Let’s take a step back together and remember the fun we had when we got messy, enjoying the sun on our faces, and running around with our friends. I bet you’ve just recalled some of your best memories!

It’s just the same for the children that attend KinderPark! We pride ourselves in providing the children with engaging, explorative, imaginative, and positive experiences within our natural outdoor environments to create their own adventures.

At KinderPark we encourage children to play games, challenge themselves physically and build self-confidence. The best part of outdoor play generally means more mess and quite often more mess means more fun!!!

No matter the season, outdoor environments provide an abundance of unique opportunities for children to engage in. Simple things like running their hands through the sand offering a sensory experience, exploring the garden to find creatures and bugs such as snails and caterpillars, and as I’m sure you know children love collecting bugs. These experiences can be the basis of our program where our Co-workers can offer further opportunities to the children for learning.

At KinderPark we value and understand that outdoor play isn’t just about the gross motor and physical aspects. It also provides our children the opportunities to explore, discover and appreciate the natural world.

Did you know that there are five important benefits of outdoor play!

It helps to relax by providing children the opportunity to read books under the trees or on comfy cushions.
It exercises the body when children run, jump, and climb.
It boosts the immune system, breathing in fresh air while at play
It improves focus and brain development assisting children to create new games, explore and be more independent.
It’s a chance to be social – playing chasey, peek a boo and taking turns on the equipment.

Outdoor play is a critical component in the development of children, supporting their mental wellbeing, physical growth and social skills. All KinderPark centres place a large focus on outdoor play through our programs and purpose-built outdoor play spaces as we prepare our children ‘Ready for Life’.