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Our Families

We work in partnership with families, actively seeking and encouraging their involvement at our centres.

Our centre village embraces and stands side-by-side with families and children to create nurturing environments for our local community. This is achieved through transparent communication and developing relationships. 

Diversity in is embraced at KinderPark as we encourage positive and accepting views. We reject bias and prejudice and work to maintain an inclusive community where Co-workers and families of all descriptions feel welcomed and valued.

For many children, attending an early learning centre is their first experience away from their family. We create a warm and welcoming atmosphere at our centres and look forward to supporting your child’s early learning journey. We are keen to learn about the individual needs, personality, and interests of your child.

Establishing trusting and secure relationships allows your child to feel the confidence to connect with others. We have a diverse team who bring their own personality, knowledge, and sense of fun, every day. This diversity is a great building block for your child to meet and connect with different people in a safe environment.

You are the most important influence in your child’s life. Our Co-workers are here to complement that relationship and will stay completely connected with families to share in decisions that affect your child. We will work alongside you to incorporate your expectations into your child’s developmental goals.

Family participation sends strong and positive messages to your child that you are a part of their learning environment and the centre community. This can be as simple as taking the time to have a quick chat with our team to discuss what is important for your child now and how we can support it. We are here to help and can support you with the goals you have for your child. 

From our Families