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KinderPark Early Learning Centre Brabham

Our centre in Brabham is currently under construction and expected to open September 2024. The site is located opposite the Brabham Primary School and will provide long day care services to local families.

Outdoor play is central to the design of the centre with all rooms having direct access to one of the five nature play areas. Children will love exploring these spaces as they engage in play-based program, led by our team of experienced Co-workers. 

Inside the centre, the purpose-built, modern facilities will impress families and engage children as we prepare them ‘Ready for Life’.

Families wishing to express an interest in this centre are encouraged to reach out via the ‘Contact Us’ link located below. 

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 Lot 469 Palfrey Street Brabham, WA 6055


Long Day Care

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to our KinderPark Butler Community

Centre Manager

Why is early education important?

I believe Early Education is important because it creates a foundation for a positive and enthusiastic disposition to learning. When we foster children’s early development, they are more inclined to enjoy learning in the future. They become more confident and involved when taking on new experiences and challenges.

What is unique and special about your team?

Our Team are active members of the Butler community. We have long standing Co-workers that invest passion and dedication into the care and education they provide to the children in our care. All our team are residents of Butler and the feeling in the centre is more similar to neighbours than Co-workers!

What do you love about the Butler community?

I love being part of the Butler community because the atmosphere is fresh, and the culture is diverse. Our centre is opposite a beautiful natural landscape. Our children can play outside and view the white cockatoos as they migrate from tree to tree each afternoon.

Why is wellness important to your families?

Butler has beautiful, natural open spaces where you will find people in the community enjoying and appreciating the fresh air. Wellness is important to keep the mind and body healthy and happy. At KinderPark Butler we believe being out in nature is essential to building happy and healthy little people.