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Our Story

How are we co-creating the foundation for lifelong learning?

It starts with each of us. 

We strive for a better future for children and Co-workers  as we take our individual learning journey, together. 

For us, success is knowing our team are passionate about growing as individuals. Their energy, knowledge and care creates a learning experience for your child that helps to prepare them ‘ready for life’.

We bring our individual experiences of being educators, parents, leaders and lifelong learners to KinderPark everyday. These experiences support us as we co-create safe supportive inviting spaces where learning, encouragement and fun are part of the everyday! 

Together is better, and hand-in-hand we create better everyday learning experiences for our children. 

Our Vision

Creating the foundation for lifelong learning together.

Our Purpose

Together, we create safe supportive spaces that engage and encourage our children, ready for life.

A lifelong desire to explore

We co-create environments with your child, for them to lead us in exploring their world, building on their experiences, imagination, and interests.

Planet positive to lay the foundation for our future

We support our children to connect with and contribute to their world. We focus on minimising our impact on the planet. We nurture a child’s sense of wonder and exploration in nature and our environment.

Wellness as the foundation for life

We advocate wellness for both the body and soul. Resilience, mindfulness, nutrition, and activity are essential for promoting a spirit of belonging for our children and Co-workers.

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Collaboration with our local communities

We are active in our local communities and respect the history and traditions that tell each story. We stand side by side with families, encouraging our children to embrace the diversity amongst our communities.

Our Values

Their way is our way

We create environments that encourage our children to explore, play, discover and learn in their unique way.

Better together

Together with our families and communities, we shape each child’s path, creating the foundation for lifelong learning.

Lead by example

We lead with our values regardless of position. We understand the impact of our actions, big and small.


We stay close to reality. A simple, straightforward and down-to-earth way of doing things is our way of working.

Integrity & inclusion

We act in the best interests of children. We promote a spirit of belonging and believe in people, embracing diversity.

Planet positive

We nurture a sense of wonder and exploration in our world, together creating a positive lifelong impact on our planet.