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Our People

It starts with our people!

As Co-workers we lead with our values and challenge each other to stay close to reality. We encourage all Co-workers to being their ‘unique you’ to work, everyday. We strive for a culture where each team member is seen, heard and valued and we recognise that each Co-worker imprints on our path. Recognising the uniqueness of each of us allows us to be Better Together!

We believe in each other.

We respect each other regardless of position, gender, or background. We promote a spirit of belonging and inclusion. For us this means encouraging Co-workers to be part of our community, supporting each other, and leading by example to guide the children in our care.

Sharing their personality, interests and culture enables team members to build genuine relationships throughh experiences that define our teams.

Leading with our values is a priority for every one of us, regardless of our position. This begins with being aware of our own behaviours and the consequences of our actions, big and small.

We provide opportunities for development professionally and personally, promoting a culture for lifelong learning. Through this, we see our team members thrive in their roles and positively contribute to our communities.

We value feedback and appreciate our co-workers working together towards our vision. 

This is us; this is KinderPark, and we believe together is better!

From our people