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School Readiness of Life Readiness?

As we head towards the end of the year we are preparing for family celebrations and the excitement of a new year! There is something very important that our Kindy children are also preparing for…BIG school! There is a lot of talk about school readiness and ensuring that children are ready for their next step in their education. What does being school ready actually mean though?

There has been a huge shift in what school readiness means for children, previously it was thought that school readiness relied heavily on children knowing how to read and write, how high they could count and if they can identify shapes and colours. It is now understood that each child’s emotional readiness is just as important, if not more important, for each child’s entrance into their new environment.

We have Early Childhood Teachers who guide this learning and preparation in KinderPark centres. Through our child-led and environment-focused programs we are able to integrate the WA Curriculum Guidelines and focus on meeting the requirements that children need as they take the next step in their learning journey. By having a child-led curriculum we are able to tailor the needs of each child and move at their pace. We include their interests in the learning process and consider their wellbeing, given this is just as important as any development goals or milestones set.

The Kindy-aged children in our centres receive the support and ongoing cycle of learning that they need to develop a love of learning and curiosity; our environments are created with their lead and we learn just as much as they do most days! We know the world they are going into is a world where imagination and unlimited possibilities exist and we are so excited to be part of their journey to becoming valued and important citizens of our communities!