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Do children in childcare develop differently from those who do not attend?

There has been many studies exploring the advantages of childcare and the benefits for children. One of the biggest findings has been that childcare offers opportunities for more extensive social contacts with peers and adults, which leads to open, extended social worlds for children.

When a baby arrives in the world, they are totally dependent on others for their survival. When a baby enrols in one of our centres, they may enter the nursery or babies room and with the support of their families and our Co-workers, the children learn to walk and talk and form attachments to others. By being present and engaged and by meeting the children’s needs the Co-workers teach the children to trust others.

From this circle of security children develop the confidence to build onto their skills and knowledge of the world. Co-workers support them to also develop their physical and language skills. They become stronger, more independent and able to use simple words and gestures to communicate.

As they become toddlers, children are encouraged to develop their self-help skills and to learn to manage the big emotions which emerge at this age. Co-workers support the development of social skills as they become more interested in forming relationships and engaging in shared play.

Their journey will then bring them to the kindy room. A strong physical, social and emotional foundation has already been established and Co-workers are able to lead the children into developing more complex skills and knowledge, for example: communicating to enquire, hypothesize and to share their understanding and their theories.

They discover other ways to communicate through music, movement, drama, drawing, painting, sculpture, symbols and signs. Their physical skills grow to be more complex with abilities to dodge a ball, balancing, throwing and catching. Socially, they will learn how to negotiate and resolve conflict while they develop an awareness of fairness as they learn how to play games with rules.

Childcare and early learning centres play a pivotal role in encouraging children to embark on a journey of lifelong learning. At KinderPark, we promote this idea through our curriculum, resources and spaces, providing stimulating environments that prepare our children, ready for life!