Mount Lawley

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Mount Lawley

KinderPark Mount Lawley has a history of play and imagination. The centre features both cosy and expansive spaces to learn, explore and discover.

Art areas, book nooks and indoor/outdoor open-ended play spaces create a homely feel for our children to develop their sense of belonging.

Our multicultural team of Co-workers are committed to the individual needs of your children. Our Co-workers are focused on supporting your family with a curriculum that prepares our children, ready for life.

Mount Lawley


23 Railway Parade, Mount Lawley, WA 6050
(Main entrance on Park Road)


Long Day Care

Opening Hours

07:00 – 18:00

Contact Details

Phone: (08) 92729554

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Welcome to our Mount Lawley Centre Community

Natasha Krisko
Centre Manager

Why is early education important?

I have always had a very strong desire and passion for supporting every child within my care. I focus on harnessing their own strengths and abilities in a safe inviting environment. Sparking their curiosity whilst endeavouring to continually encourage personal growth.

We do this in early education by living and breathing “their way is our way” with the environments that we co-create with the children based on their interests and children’s individual learning.

Why is wellness important to your families?

Our families place a strong importance on the wellness of their children, and we support this by providing a safe place and guiding them to be healthy and active through physical development and nutrition.

Our Co-workers understand the importance of developing mindfulness and resilience as a crucial part of preparing children for their lifelong learning journey.

What is unique and special your team?

We offer a home away from home at KinderPark in Mt Lawley with our unique team. By sharing our own personalities, interests, and cultures we demonstrate our integrity and inclusion. We believe this supports us to be able to create genuine relationships and experiences that define our team and your child’s experience.

When you step into KinderPark you will feel the togetherness that is Mt Lawley. We are a home away from home. You see this by the way that families interact with our Co-workers and with other families. Our families, even though they may be in a rush in the mornings, they always spend time where they can at pickup. It is not uncommon for families to still be here half an hour after getting here, spending time with their child, learning about what they did that day or playing and reading stories together.

What do you love about the Mt Lawley community?

I am proud and happy to be a part of the ever-growing family of Mt Lawley @ KinderPark community.

Quite simply….their future is our future and there is nothing more special than that to be a part of.