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KinderPark Mundaring Early Learning Centre has been caring, supporting, and providing early education for local families for over 20 years.

Our team of Co-workers value KinderPark Mundaring Early Learning Centres history and sense of belonging.  Together we create learning experiences for our children that acknowledge the strong sense of community that exists in the hills.

Our centre has 3 rooms that open onto extensive yards with room to run and play. Our Kindy room is supported by our Teacher. We encourage lifelong learning for our team and have an additional 2 Co-workers training for the Bachelors Degree in Early Education.

Great conversations are had when we get together with family and friends and share a meal. We see this is the same for the children in our care and we that have a role to play in co-creating with our families the foundation for a lifelong passion for nutritious healthy eating. Our approach at KinderPark Mundaring Early Learning Centre is to see the kitchen as the heart of our centre. We eat both outdoors and indoors and learn to grow our own veggies in our fantastic veggie garden.



16 Hartung Street, Mundaring, WA 6073
(Main entrance on Park Road)


Long Day Care

Opening Hours

07:00 – 18:00

Contact Details

Phone: (08) 92956550

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Welcome to our Mundaring Centre Community

Sarah Paterson
Centre Manager

Why is early education important?

Early education is important to me as I believe that how a child is nurtured and what they learn is the foundation of what they will become. The more we nurture and guide them to trust in themselves and others will ultimately create children that are valued citizens in our community. I love that I can be proud and say I am a part of their development and I am a part of their world.

What is unique and special about your team?

Our team is unique in that most of us are local. We share the same cultural knowledge of our hill’s community.  We respect one another for being true and value truthfulness and respect. We work better when we work together.

Why is wellness important to your families?

I believe children’s wellness and being part of the nature that surrounds and embraces us what makes our community unique. At KinderPark Mundaring I and my team support our children to value mindfulness. Teaching them that they are cared for, and a part of our family creates an environment where they can be themselves.

What do you love about the Mundaring community?

I love to call the Perth Hills my home and now I call it my workplace. Waking up to birds chirping and seeing roos graze on your field as the morning sunshine rises on the frosty grass truly allows me to appreciate our surroundings. This is what makes me so proud to be a local and privileged that my children are growing up as part of this wonderful community. We are safe and nourished by our natural surroundings, nothing can beat that!