Our People

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Our People

This is KinderPark

It starts with us! Together we are co-creating the foundation for lifelong learning. As co-workers we bring our ‘unique you’, lead with our values and challenge each other to stay close to reality. This is where we evolve together! We believe in our culture, each co-worker imprints on our path. Recognising the uniqueness of each of us allows us to be Better Together!


We believe in each other!

We respect each other regardless of position, gender, or background.

We promote a spirit of belonging and inclusion. For us this means encouraging our Co-workers to be part of our community, supporting each other, and leading by example to guide the children in our care.

We encourage our Co-workers to bring their ‘unique you’ every day. Sharing their personality, interests and culture enables Co-workers to build genuine relationships with experiences that define our teams.


Our Co-workers lead with our Values. It is a priority for every one of us, regardless of our position. Living our Values begins with being aware of our own behaviours and the consequences of our actions, big and small.

We provide opportunities for development both professionally and personally, promoting a culture for lifelong learning. Through this we see our co-workers grow in their roles and positively contribute to our communities.

We value feedback and appreciate our co-workers working together towards our shared Vision.

This is us; this is KinderPark and we believe together is better!

"“I have been working in KinderPark for 18 months. This centre has amazing children, parents and team as well as management, I have felt supported for the entire time. The manager always comes and checks to make sure we are ok, this is a small action but brings big energy to everyone.” "

Wiwit – KinderPark Co-worker

" “Working for KinderPark is like working for family, but less stressful! I always feel fully supported and valued by my fellow Co-workers.” "

Tilleah - KinderPark Co-worker

"“I joined KinderPark recently and have had such a warm welcome to the centre. They have such a welcoming and inclusive environment for all and I feel part of the team.” "

Sarah - KinderPark Co-worker

"“In the last year working for KinderPark I have found myself feeling appreciated and supported. My goal has been, to become a teacher of children of the ages 0-6 KinderPark has given me this opportunity in moving forward all whilst working. Coming to work for most of us can be a struggle, KinderPark has helped to make working become fun, professional and full of opportunities to move forward.” "

Steph – KinderPark Co-worker